Founded in 1994, The Perlman Music Program has become a life-long mentorship program for over 400 students and alumni who count PMP as a second family and a special part of their lives.

Throughout the year, students and alumni are offered concerts, instruction and guidance by Toby and Itzhak Perlman, the stellar PMP faculty, and each other.  

Click through the next pages to learn more about the PMP Community, Concerts, and Mentorship. Click here for details about the 2018 retreat participants! PMP alumni are encouraged to stay connected with us.  

Under the guidance of Toby Perlman and faculty, students and alumni enjoy performance opportunities throughout the year.

In 2012, PMP inaugurated an off-season concert series at the beautiful Clark Arts Center on its Shelter Island campus. Alumni – now professional musicians – return to their Shelter Island roots and present world-class concerts, and current students play at the off-season Works in Progress concerts for the East End community.

For over ten years, PMP’s fall and spring recital series at Neue Galerie New York has given students and alumni the chance to refine their repertoire for a welcoming audience of PMP supporters.

PMP alumni play chamber music concerts with Itzhak Perlman at prestigious venues around the world. Recent appearances include the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, The Kennedy Center in Washington, Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami, and The Biologica Festival in Mexico. 

PMP students and alumni get together and share their infectious love of music as often as possible!

Sunday Salons at the Perlmans’ NYC home offer sightreading sessions, companionship and a family dinner several times a year.

PMP’s annual Alumni Reunion Weekend invites graduates to gather for a weekend of companionship, activities, and chamber music readings.

Adopt-a-Little is a program that pairs PMP students applying to colleges across the county with PMP alumni at those colleges to provide guidance and support. Littles can connect with their alumni mentor with questions about college admissions, programs, and life on campus.

The PMP community grows stronger every year with a lasting network of relationships around the world. 

Students and alumni receive guidance throughout their lives from Toby and Itzhak Perlman, faculty, and each other. At PMP, you’re more than just a student – you’re a member of the family for life. As Mr. Perlman says, “we’re here to make the students better people and to change their lives, and that’s what we do.”

Several recent graduates founded the Alumni Support Group (ASG). Alumni are invited to regular meetings at the Perlmans’ New York City home to support each other through the transition to professional musicianship and to perform together and for each other for feedback and support.  

Staying in touch is easy! If you’ve moved or updated your contact info recently, please fill out our alumni survey here or email us at

October 4 - 9, 2018

During the 2018 retreat, sixteen PMP alumni returned to Shelter Island to study chamber music with PMP faculty Merry Peckham and Itzhak Perlman, and community performance practices with Community Engagement Advisor Tanya Maggi. Bringing together alumni from all of our programs, the Chamber Music Retreat was designed to help develop the participants' community engagement and performance skills. On Monday, October 8, the alumni performed a concert at the Clark Arts Center of chamber music. The alumni also visited classrooms and shared their music in East End schools on Tuesday, October 9. 

Monday, October 8 at 4:30 PM
Chamber Music with PMP Alumni 

Tuesday, October 9 (Throughout the day)
Appearances at Hayground School, Oysterponds Elementary, Peconic Community School, Shelter Island School, and Southold Elementary School.

Meet the 2018 Retreat alumni here, and View photos from past school events here!

Shuxiang Yang and Zachary Spontak, violins
Lauren Siess, viola
Aaron Wolff, cello

Zachary, Shuxiang, Lauren and Aaron performed works by Beethoven and Brahms, and visited classrooms at Southold Elementary and The Hayground School.


KJ McDonald and Rinat Erlichman, violins
Hannah Geisinger, viola
Derek Louie, cello

KJ, Rinat, Hannah and Derek performed works by Dvorak and Mozart, and visited classrooms at Oysterponds Elementary School and Shelter Island School.



Rebecca Benjamin and Valerie Kim, violins
Sarah Sung, viola
Sungmoon Park, cello

Rebecca, Valerie, Sarah and Sungmoon performed works by Borodin and Beethoven, and visited classrooms at Oysterponds Elementary School and Shelter Island School.


I-Jung Huang and Stella Chen, violins
Lisa Sung, viola
Connor Kim, cello

I-Jung, Stella, Lisa and Connor performed works by Haydn and Schubert, and visited classrooms at Southold Elementary School and Peconic Community School.


The Perlman Music Program sends special thanks to Merry Peckham, Tanya Maggi, Marcelle Langendal at the Hayground School, Lin Bogden at Oysterponds Elementary School, Liz Casey at Peconic Community School, Dr. Christine Finn and Deanna Locascio at Shelter Island School, and Audrey Grathwohl at Southold Elementary School for making the October 9 events possible.